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How much does it cost to record with Shane O’Connor? Answer: NOTHING

I have spent the last couple of days tweaking, and working on my Rates and Services page. Although I am still not done (always details…) I think that I made it pretty clear how the financial, and logistical side of working with me usually goes down. I created this…. because I am often asked how much it costs to record an album, EP, single, or whatever it is you are looking to do.
The true answer: it costs nothing to begin working with me….. at least to begin with. All it takes is a commitment. You have to commit to making your best record ever, and giving it everything you have (emotionally, not financially). We can always work out the details of money and studio bookings later, but to start a record, you just let it happen. Starting, is the biggest step.

One of the best ways to make your record happen, is to tell 20 people. When you have decided that you are going to work with me on your new record, tell 20 people that are within your social circle. Not just any 20 people, but 20 people that will follow up and have an invested interest in your goal. Give them a due date for when the record will be released. Now you HAVE to do it, and you HAVE to do it now. You have a due date and a commitment with 20 people. The record is a reality, even though not a single note has been documented.

There is nothing in your way.

The next step, pre-production