Recording Sam Smith Live with Record Plant Remote

For the better part of January I was recording the east coast concerts for Capitol Records recording artist Sam Smith. I went on the road with Record Plant Remote and owner/ engineer Kooster Mcallister. Expect a live Sam Smith album in the near future.

IMG_0336 IMG_0338

We had the chance to take a pit stop at Ryan Hewitt’s mix room in Nashville.


A shot of Opryland in Nashville.


My X48 rig on the mobile recording truck. 96 tracks redundant. IMG_0320 IMG_0325 IMG_0327

Recording scratch vocals with Genifer Robin at The Buddy Project Recording Studio

I have spent the better part of this spring and summer producing a new full length album for Genifer Robin at The Buddy Project Recording Studio in New York City.

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Recording The George Gee Swing Orchestra

I tend to record rock bands that love drinking beer and turning amps up to an unhealthy level. A few weeks ago I had to privilege to work with The George Gee Swing Orchestra. These guys are serious business in an old school way. We cut 25 songs in a single day. This may be a record for me in terms of the number of songs recorded to (tracking) completion in one day. 6 horns, piano, upright bass, drums, two vocals. No messing around to be had. It was a good time.  





Recording Anacrotes at Seaside Lounge Recording Studio

For five days I suffered the slings and arrows of no cell phone service with Shane Chapman (the other Shane) and his band Anacortes at Seaside Lounge Recording Studio to produce their upcoming full length album. We mixed the album at The Buddy Project Recording Studio


This record was done in a quick and efficient manner, with minimal overdubs and a large emphasis on the sound, feel, and vibe of the room. The beauty of the process was how easy and painless it became as we gave in to the idea that punching, editing, over mixing and over thinking the process would only create more problem. The result was a record that sound smooth, punchy and dynamic with the mix and “production” as an element that hopefully disappears to the listener. 



Dear Comrade at Studio G Brooklyn

Last week Dear Comrade completed basics for their upcoming full length album with me at Studio G Brooklyn in Williamsburg.


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“Second Youth” by The Teen Age

Here is the debut of the second single from The Teen Age entitled Second Youth. I mixed this song at The Audio Parlour in Brooklyn NY. You can read the whole article HERE.

Fabricoh Magazine | Indie Music Magazine | Reviews : Xylofaux – Circuitry


Here is a review of a record I produced with Xylofaux earlier this year.

Fabricoh Magazine | Indie Music Magazine | Reviews : Xylofaux – Circuitry.